9 Steps in a facial and why they are important

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9 Steps in a facial and why they are important

Many different factors affect your skin throughout any given day. The sun, pollution, smart devices, foods and, of course, genetics all play a huge role. Glacial Water Spa offers a variety of skin treatments. One, in particular, is a customized facial. Whether you want to combat signs of aging, help treat acne or hydrate your skin, the resort’s spa has a customized facial waiting for you!

1. The spa’s trained estheticians are here to treat your skin and work on a home care regimen to meet your skin care needs.
Your experience will start with a consultation that goes over questions like:

• What is your skin type?
• Do you have a skin care routine currently?
• Any medical concerns or allergies?
• Any problematic issues with your skin?

These questions are essential to your esthetician to treat your skin concerns best.

2. Cleansing and removing makeup.
After the consultation, your esthetician will begin by removing any makeup and then cleansing the skin. A Clarisonic Cleansing Brush is used. This helps break up any impurities on the skin’s surface. Steam can be used during the cleansing process. The steam is used to soften your skin and hair follicles and opens your pores. This helps to give energy and vitality to the face.

3. Review and analyze.
This is very pertinent as each skin type has specific characteristics and, therefore, different needs. The esthetician will use a magnifying lamp to analyze your skin. They take a close look at your complexion. While cleansing your skin, the esthetician will feel more things with his/her hands. Smooth, rough, dry, breakouts, firmness — all play a factor in the products used and the skin care products that are recommended to you after your service.

5. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!
Benefits of exfoliating are endless. This is where your esthetician removes the dead surface skin cells and oil. If your skin is prone to having breakouts, this is a very beneficial step in the facial. Regular exfoliating will help to remove the buildup that blocks your pores and causes those breakouts. It also helps to retain the healthy glow as you mature and improve your skin’s texture. As you age, multiple layers of dead skin cells tend to build up and accumulate over time. Exfoliating encourages the skin’s renewal process and makes for healthier cells to shine through. Your esthetician will then work with you to determine which type of exfoliation is best for your concerns.

6. The knit and grit of the facial – extraction.
The steam machine has relaxed your skin to open up your pores. Now it’s time to extract any pimples or blackheads (if you want your esthetician to do so). Your esthetician will use the correct techniques and instruments to perform a proper extraction of blackheads to prevent any damage to your skin.

Why not pick them yourself? It is essential to visit an esthetician to get rid of those minor imperfections properly. They have the tools to remove them more safely than you. At home, you are likely to use your fingers, which carry a lot of bacteria. You are less likely to scar and get an infection from a professional extraction.

7. Relaxation time – facial massage.

Facial Massage

The next step in your facial is your facial massage. Your esthetician will manipulate the product into the skin by using different massage movements. The facial massage helps to relieve tension and stress. One of the benefits of a facial massage includes an immediate increase in blood and oxygen flow, which in the long term increases collagen production, and therefore a youthful glow.

8. A custom facial mask.
Your esthetician will then apply a corrective facial masque which the skin analysis helped them to determine. Masking plays an important role in correcting skin concerns.

Some of the common masques we use are:
Oily skin: Sour Cherry Masque
Acne prone skin: Advanced clarifying Masque
Dry skin: Stone Crop Gel Masque
Mature skin: Bamboo Age Corrective Masque

9. The final steps: Toner, serums, moisturizers, etc.
The last steps in your facial are important. Your esthetician will use a toner which acts as a vehicle to deliver the final products deep into your skin. Serum and/or concentrate is then applied to focus on your skin concerns. These products go deep into the surface to aid in correcting. Eye cream is applied to aid in any concerns around the eye. A lip balm is used to add moisture and nourish the lip area. Lastly, an appropriate moisturizer is applied to nourish and hydrate the skin.

Your skin is one of our largest organs, so it is crucial to keep it awake, clean, and nourished adequately. Once your facial is complete, your esthetician will work with you on finding the correct products to use at home. Keeping a good home skin routine prolongs the benefits your skin received from the facial.

The spa offers a variety of facial services. Relax, unwind, and book your service today. To make an appointment call Glacial Waters Spa at 218-963-8700.