New Look. New Services. Same World-Class Spa

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The Glacial Waters Spa is beginning an exciting new era in 2022 with a spa-wide renovation. Several new amenities, including treatment rooms, locker rooms, and relaxation areas, are being added as well as flooring, furniture, and retail updates. This renovation ushers in new and enhanced services while maintaining the same world-class experience that keeps guests returning.

Over the last few years, demand for spa services has increased significantly. This expansion helps satisfy that demand while accomplishing the Glacial Waters Spa’s vision of providing the premier spa experience in the Brainerd Lakes area, let alone the state.

According to Lisa Miles, Spa Director at Glacial Waters Spa, “This expansion improves our already full-service spa—transforming it into a body care, skincare, nail care, relaxation, and overall health and wellness hub at Grand View Lodge. Guests can now enjoy an entire day at Glacial Waters. Whether they want to come for a few services, relax in the jacuzzi, steam rooms or saunas, or the Himalayan salt room, they can now spend more time rejuvenating during their stay.”

Here is a list of the improvements and what guests can expect in 2022 and beyond.


New Outdoor Hot Tub Our new outdoor hot tub adds a new way to experience the spa’s tranquility and relax before or after treatment sessions. The jacuzzi is located on the north end of the building in close proximity to the new locker rooms and is enclosed with a large privacy wall. Guests will be able to soak in the hot tub while basking in the warm glow of the outdoor fireplace and tall, mature pines surrounding the area.


Treatment Room Additions The addition of four new treatment rooms will create more space for treatments and increase the spa’s capacity. Outfitted with the latest equipment, these new service rooms will exude an inviting, comfortable, and spacious atmosphere for guests to enjoy. Two of the treatment rooms are double rooms designed for couples.

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Coed Steam Room and Sauna A coed steam room and coed sauna were added for guests to improve skin health, circulation, reduce stress, and offer another way to relax. Saunas and steam rooms have been in existence for centuries to boost the immune system and are an excellent way to spend time at the spa. The larger steam room and sauna are perfect for groups of guests to enjoy.


Locker Rooms A new men’s and larger women’s locker room is outfitted with luxury tiled showers and will offer plenty of space to store belongings and change before and after treatments. A great deal of space was added to the women’s locker room, which now encompasses two stories. Inside the women’s locker room is another steam room and sauna in addition to the coed ones in the public areas. Locker rooms will continue to be stocked with all the products guests know and love.


Himalayan Salt Room The addition of a state-of-the-art Himalayan salt room brings a new service offering to the spa in the form of salt therapy. Salt therapy is the practice of breathing in tiny salt particles circulating the air and can help alleviate lung and respiratory conditions.

Salt therapy is currently playing a leading role in pulmonary rehabilitation, a combination of salt therapy and physical therapy that is being used to treat lung conditions and patients suffering from the long-term effects of COVID-19. Salt also benefits the skin, providing healing and protective benefits.

Salt possesses anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and has been used medicinally for centuries. These inhaled dry salt particles help reduce inflammation and improve breathing quality. Guests will lounge in the glow of the backlit Himalayan Sea salt tiles, creating a serene ambiance while they breathe in the healing and restorative qualities the salt room provides.


Vichy Hydrotherapy is an essential element of any luxury spa. Our Vichy shower room was updated with new tile matching the locker rooms, giving it a more elegant feel. The Vichy shower at Glacial Waters has seven shower heads designed to release tension by showering warm water over the client as they relax on a massage table.

Originating in Vichy, France, where five natural springs are located, the benefits of a Vichy treatment include improved circulation, relaxation, and lymphatic drainage.


New Relaxation Room & Flooring The existing relaxation room has been upgraded with new furniture, giving it a more contemporary and soothing feel. New carpet and tile were also installed throughout the spa bringing an upgraded, modern look that will last for years to come. A new relaxation room has also been added to create even more relaxation space.


Service Offerings The spa is bringing back several guest-favorite services while also reinventing others to maximize relaxation. 90-minute treatment sessions are returning, and more distinct offerings such as specialty scrubs, body wraps, and hydrotherapy treatments, all of which improve skin quality and detoxify the body.

New Retail Displays The entire retail area has been revamped, adding several new product lines from local Minnesota vendors. Guests will have the ability to “spa at home” with their favorite familiar products or try new ones and the ability to access new retail displays. In addition, the same great brands guests have enjoyed for years will still be featured.

Tom Juliano, CEO of Cote Family Destinations, the parent company of Grand View Lodge adds, “This renovation and expansion is a key component of our vision for the Glacial Waters Spa, Grand View Lodge, and the legacy of Cote Family Destinations. Our ultimate goal is to create a lifetime of memories for our guests, and we are fortunate to have generations of families come together to reconnect at Grand View. This reimagination elevates the experience and creates a destination spa for guests to relax and reconnect with their families in the best way possible.”


Overall, this renovation maintains and enhances the standard of service Grand View Lodge and Glacial Waters Spa is known for— state-of-the-art facilities and amenities, exceptional staff, and a memorable experience for the whole family. Longtime Glacial Waters clients will notice additional ways to relax, rejuvenate, and restore while at the spa.

To celebrate this exciting milestone, the spa will host a Grand Reopening June 13-17 and June 20-24. The following will be included with every one hour service booked:

  • A 20-minute session in the Himalayan Salt Room
  • Access to the new sauna, steam room, and outdoor hot tub
  • 20% off retail purchases over $100
  • Spa Bites and refreshments

Call 218.963.8700 or book your appointment, and come experience all that’s new at Glacial Waters Spa!