Remodel, Renovate, and Renew

Remodel, Renovate, and Renew

In the last four years, Grand View Lodge has reinvested into our property with over $5 million dollars in improvements, enhancements and maintenance of our golf courses, property and the historic Main Lodge. But we won’t stop there. With our 100 year anniversary next year, we want to make sure our legacy continues for another 100.

Starting a couple years ago, we made a new commitment to some of our original cabins, especially on our main property by the lake. Our newer units on Nokomis to Roy Lake, just supersede the styles and elegance that our lake cabins do not have. We started with a few in 2013, and last year, fully remodeled nine units by the beach. But this year, we are taking on an even larger task. Twenty three units are currently being remodeled to be finished by the middle of May, all of which are on the main property and Bay Colony.

The remodeling focus is not small. In these cabins we are tackling everything wall to wall. You will notice new kitchens, fresh new bathrooms, and some furnishing upgrades. Another change we will be making is switching over to natural gas fireplaces instead of wood fireplaces. Although, we love the look and feel of a classic fireplace, it is important that we put the safety and convenience of our guests first. The new finished look will be original, fresh, and elegant.

The interiors of the cabins are not the only upgrades this season. We have installed a new lock system for all units, using new technology that is not on a magnetic strip. This way your cell phone cannot wipe out the room code on your card like in the past. Just pass your card over the reader, and open sesame.

Some exterior upgrades, other than The Preserve renovations, are happening as well. You may notice a few new pontoons in the Beach Fleet. These pontoons will be larger and more powerful to even pull our banana boat with plenty of room for family and friends to come along for the ride. There will also be some new activities at the beachfront — one in particular being Spikeball. If Volleyball and Foursquare had a baby it would be called spikeball. This game is played with four people in the sand on the beach, with a small ball, and a trampoline-like net. Check it out at

Plan your stay at Grand View Lodge now and come see all our new improvements in person!