Healthy Meetings at Grand View Lodge

Healthy Meetings at Grand View Lodge

Maintaining an active lifestyle and eating well is important for mental health and vitality. This not only improves energy and concentration, but increases productively and attentiveness throughout the workday. It has been proven that a healthy lifestyle will decrease stress, anger and tension while relieving anxiety and depression providing individuals with a greater sense of well being. Grand View Lodge is proud to offer a variety of options for healthy meetings that are designed to enhance your meeting and increase the wellness of you and your guests.

There are several steps we have taken to liven up the way groups at Grand View Lodge work together. These activities are designed to help your group bond and work together while having fun and promoting healthy meetings. Our Guided Nature Hike is just one example of an activity that is perfect to help your team get their blood pumping and ideas flowing. Use the Guided Nature Hike for healthy meetings outside of the office and see where the fresh air and inspiration from the outdoors can take your team. Looking for something more active? Rejuvenate your team and itinerary with the Tour De Northwoods. This activity will have your group enjoying the fresh air while biking on the Paul Bunyan Trail. This famous, paved trail is sprinkled with rest areas where your group can catch their breath and brainstorm ideas. Sign up for the ride and use this activity to cultivate creativity and group empowerment!

One of our most popular activities is the Amazing Race – Grand View Lodge Edition. In teams of 4-5 you will be given 7 ‘missions’. Each team must complete their mission before given a clue for the next. With each clue, you receive a part of a puzzle. Points are awarded accordingly and the team with the most points in the end wins!

Need a quick breath of fresh air? Get away from the laptop and take your team down to the water with our ‘Break at the Lake’! This break allows your team to take a walk down to the beautiful shores of Gull Lake and enjoy a snack on the beach.

These are just a few activities that get your team active and healthy while working together. All teambuilding activities are handpicked to promote teamwork, a healthy lifestyle, cultivate creativity and reduce stress for you and your team.

Optimizing mental health doesn’t just happen by being active. To coincide with active opportunities, we have also added some fresh, robust options to our menus to amplify our options for healthy meetings.

We started with breakfast, because everyone knows it’s the most important meal of the day. Breakfast provides you with energy and increased concentration through out the day. Start your team off on the right foot with any of our breakfast buffets that offer varieties of eggs, fresh fruit, oatmeal, fresh juices and so much more.

Breakfast doesn’t have to be the only place to load your team up for the day. Snacking is also important, and who doesn’t love snacks? We have many options to keep your team fueled. Upgrade to our Minnesota Northland break and keep your team going with a build-your-own trail mix bar. Another noteworthy snack option is the Health Nut break, which offers assorted nuts, vegetables and pita chips with hummus, among other foods.

Grand View Lodge offers healthy options for every meal of the day to ensure that you have the option of healthy meetings. Our talented chefs are always willing to work with dietary restrictions and provide vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and many other options for individuals.

Improve your productivity with healthy meetings by choosing Grand View Lodge.