Celebrating 100 Years of Creating Memories

Celebrating 100 Years of Creating Memories

We are happy to announce that in 2016, Grand View Lodge will be celebrating 100 years of creating memories. It will be a year long celebration filled with many opportunities and events that will provide guests with an experience filled with nostalgia as well as excitement and anticipation for the new year.

In 1916, Marvin V. Baker, and his wife, Harriett, bought the property we now know as Grand View Lodge. Marvin was involved with real estate in the Twin Cities and planned to sell lots from his newly purchased property, but Harriett had other plans in hospitality. Each had a somewhat different vision for their wonderful property that would develop into Grand View Lodge.

Since then, we have had many changes and facelifts. But some structures, namely the historic Main Lodge, have stayed the same besides some minor updates. We have reinvested into almost every accommodation and will be adding additional amenities, which can be provided to guests for no cost during their stay. With these additions and renovations, guests are sure to enjoy an excellent experience during our centennial.

“A year of celebration is the way we are looking at it,” said Frank Soukup, Director of Marketing for Cote Family Companies. “We want to make sure when our legacy guests, golf groups, couples and families arrive next year, they will see a variety of events, new activities, and new areas to discover. It’s our goal to make sure everyone has an opportunity to learn about our rich history, but also get them excited for new adventures to come.”

This history also denotes a commitment to providing the best service as a main priority, as well as ensuring our accommodations are up to the Cote Family Companies standards. Going forward into the next hundred years, we can never forget the roots of our wonderful property and why so many love Grand View today.

With 99 years already committed, you can be sure that our 100th year will be one to celebrate and be apart of, as well as the following years to come. We will be kicking it off on New Year’s Eve with an early fireworks show overtop the frozen Gull Lake and the opening of our History House Museum built inside M.V. Baker’s original cabin! To stay up to date on the many exciting announcements that will be coming out throughout the rest of the year, make sure to become a fan on our Facebook page and subscribe to our blog so you won’t miss out on any of the excitement and celebrations!