ZIPpity Doo! The New Brainerd Zipline Tour

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Are you ready for an exhilarating summer? Be one of the first people to experience one of the newest activities in the Brainerd Lakes Area. An adventure that will give you fresh air and a new experience, forever changing the way you see your surroundings at around 30 mph. The new Brainerd Zipline Tour, or “canopy tour”, offers 15-mile views of cabin country at the peak of Mount Ski Gull.

Any zipline tour consists of a grip with pulleys suspended on a cable, usually made of stainless steel, mounted on a slope of any sort. It is designed to enable the user to propel and travel by gravity. Originally created as a form of transporting goods through mountains and over water, zipline tours are more commonly known as a thrilling, adventurous experience to the common day traveler.

And that is exactly who the Zipline Tour targets, the common day traveler. This course is designed accessible to abilities of many sizes and ages, with a routine that ensures your safety from the very beginning.

Prepping the Adventure

Riders must weigh in between 70-250 pounds and must be at least 10 years old. Close toes shoes are required to avoid injury and shoe loss. Also alcohol is off limits for everyone’s safety and you must have a reservation.

Before you venture to the treetops, your sky guides will “gear you up,” Harnesses, gloves, helmet will all be provided so you are safely ready to tackle the lines.

The sky guides will bring you up the hill and to the training course near the first zip line. Here they will teach you how to manage your speed, the appropriate times to slow down, and what to do if you don’t make it through your complete “zip.” This is all done just a few feet from the ground so your feet can still touch the ground if standing. This part of the experience is essential for zippers of all skill levels.

While a zipline tour may have sky guides at each stand to send you and catch you without any assistance, our area’s zip line tour is considered to be more “hands on” for the rider. Each group of 8-10 people will have a two sky guides to assist catching and sending throughout the course to provide a unique and safe experience.

Begin the Experience

The course begins on the peak of Mt. Ski Gull and starts with a quick climb up the staircase of the 50 foot tower. Once on top, the views are spectacular! You can see most of Gull Lake and even the Pequot Lakes ‘bobber’ water tower in the distance.

And from here, it begins. Seven zip lines of various length (including a couple over 1,000 feet long), a 50 foot “Indian Jones style” suspension bridge, tree platforms and finishes with an optional ‘faith-based’ 50 foot tandem jump.

“It was an exhilarating ride. I felt safe the whole time and even those who aren’t a fan of heights participated,” said Rylie Heilman from the Grand View Marketing Team, “I would definitely recommend it to individuals of all ages.”

Groups and reunion

The Zipline Tour serves as more than just a new fun adventure. Whether you’re on a business trip or family reunion, you can book a bonding ziplining trip through the planners at Grand View Lodge. The Zipline Tour will set aside a specific time for you and your group to go fly through the treetops.

Experiencing new and adrenaline provoking activities together can open people up to being more supportive and interactive with each other. What better way to do this than zipping from tree to tree 50 feet above the ground?

Contact a planner at Grand View Lodge by phone or email at  800-368-1885 or They would be more than happy to accommodate your group, planning a zipline tour, meals, conferences, and much more.

Pick up a souvenir at the gift shop or rent a GoPro for footage of your zip tour. For just $20 you’ll have a GoPro to take on your adventure and film as you please, sky guides will assist you if you’re unfamiliar. At the end of the day, return the camera and keep the SD chip with the footage of your experience. It’s the ultimate souvenir to take home and show everyone that you were one of the first people to experience the tour that has been underway for about 2 years.

Just a short drive from Grand View Lodge, the Zipline Tours will leave you with nothing but a breath of fresh air, views of some of the highest points in the area, and unforgettable memories.

Grand View offers a special rate of 10% off to all guests. To check out more about the tour go to the Canopy Tour Website or check out our recent video we shot this spring! To book your Grand View Lodge vacation and be one of the first Brainerd Area Zippers go to here.

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