The New Northwoods Pub Deck is Under Construction!

Culinary & Vino

To celebrate the kick-off of spring, we have started on the construction of the new Northwoods Pub Deck!

August 4, 2016, was a day that is remembered across the entire Brainerd Lakes Area. This day became déjà vu as a major storm hit the northern shores of Gull Lake. Rain, high winds, thunder and lightning showered us and became known as ‘the second storm of the century’ for Grand View Lodge.

Pub Deck

Grand View Lodge took direct hits from winds in excess of 70 miles per hour. Boats were turned over and docks were ripped from their stations, the grounds lost over 300 trees (some which stood strong for over 125 years), and our 150+ year old white oak tree in the back of the lodge—demolished the Northwoods Pub Deck. While the situation was tragic, the Grand View team was able to restore the grounds back to normal within a matter of days.

But what about the Northwoods Pub Deck?

For those who have been waiting on an answer, the deck IS RETURNING and is going to be even better than the one which was demolished.

We have set out a few goals that we wanted our new Pub Deck to accomplish. First and foremost, we want to increase seating and functionality of the space without our guests feeling overcrowded. We also know our staircase is a popular location for outdoor weddings and the deck was commonly used for receptions. For this case, our new plan is to have two levels.


The upper level will feature beautiful built-in patio fire pits. This will add ambiance to a cool evening, plenty of seating for a group of friends wanting to kick back and enjoy cocktails and even add as a new romantic destination for couples. Two wooden pergolas will be built above each fire pit to create an isolated and private feel to the space. Charleston-tumbled paving stones will be set across the whole patio giving it a very elegant and clean look while still complementing the beautiful landscape. Of course, there will be ample outdoor seating for those wishing to enjoy a bite and a freshly made cocktail from the Northwoods Pub.

Tempest Torches will be added to create dramatic decorative outdoor lighting. The Tempest Torch creates a natural venturi, a natural dance of the flame in a spiral motion. You will now be able to enjoy the patio after the sun has gone down.

Not only are the views going to be over-the-top picturesque but service and operation will improve. A better access path from the kitchen to the deck has been planned. A slight remodel in the Recreation Room will also make it more pleasant for families to eat while their kids are playing games. This will add more seating during our peak winter months as well.

Did we mention the outdoor patio bar? This stone-designed structure will have room for 12 stools to relax, sip, and dine. It will be the perfect spot to grab a cool cocktail while still enjoying being outside.


Aside from the updated design, landscape, and overall feel of the construction, the new spin to our updated deck is having a lower level. This will help when we host special events such as weddings, meetings, and receptions. The lower level will provide the group with an intimate location without having all guests on the resort blocked off from using the space.

Two waterfalls on opposite sides will add as a peaceful and mind-relaxing addition that will provide a perfect setting for all of our guests. Sit and enjoy the beautiful landscape, illuminating sunshine, smell the crisp fresh air, listen to the birds sing and the splashing of the waterfalls while you relax and create lasting memories with us.

We are getting more excited for patio weather, so stay tuned on the GVL and Northwoods Pub Facebook Pages for updates throughout spring.