Relax with Hydrotherapy

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For thousands of years, individuals have been using different types of hydrotherapy to soothe muscles and joints, rehabilitate limbs, promote relaxation, and much more. Dating back as far as 4500 B.C., therapeutic water treatments have a reputation for improving health through several outlets like hot tubs, ice baths, pool exercises, or moisture compresses.

Glacial Waters Spa of Grand View Lodge practices the centuries-old use of water in the treatment of illnesses, chronic disorders, and relaxation. There are a number of hydrotherapy modalities in use at contemporary spas, among them saunas, whirlpool baths, baths, and even body wraps. Generally speaking, heat is used to quiet and soothe the body and slow down the activity of internal organs. Cold is used to stimulate and invigorate, increasing internal activity within the body. The soothing heat of a whirlpool bath often alleviates the common symptoms of stress and anxiety while general fatigue can be combated by a warm bath followed by a cold plunge.

At Glacial Waters Spa, we incorporate many varieties of hydrotherapy in several of our services. To help you find the best match for your needs we’ve compiled a brief explanation of what hydrotherapies you can experience at Glacial Waters Spa.

One of our most popular hydrotherapy services is the Vichy Shower, consisting of a seven showerhead system that simulates a tropical rain shower. In the Vichy Shower treatment, you recline comfortably on top of a cushioned table, underneath the showerheads. Both the front and back of the body receive the full treatment of the Vichy Shower. A massage therapist controls the temperatures and pressure of the Vichy shower to provide an aromatherapy massage that can be performed either vigorously or gently depending on your preference. The Vichy Shower uses water infused with essential oils, providing a number of health benefits. The Vichy Shower is often used in conjunction with other treatments, such as a massage, body scrub, or body wrap, enhancing the experience. We also offer the following infusions; Glacial Rain (which includes an ultra-relaxing Shirodhara treatment), Moroccan Rain (featuring Moroccan Oil products), Calming Waters (Massage/Vichy), Grand Renewal (Scrub and Vichy) and the popular Awakening (Vichy/Massage/Cool Stones). So many options to try!

A Scotch Hose is an instrument utilized in a Swiss massage that provides high water pressure. In this type of massage, a therapist alternates between hot and cold water, while the client is standing. This Swiss Shower produces an effect that is similar to a massage and helps relieve sore muscles. Scotch Hoses can range in temperature from 45 to 105 degrees and it quickly fluctuates between hot and cold temperatures. Recognized as one of the most relaxing methods used in aquatic massages, the scotch hose is one of the most effective instruments used in hydrotherapy. We feature the Scotch Hose in all of our Vichy services.

Hydrotherapy Soaks. We feature our jetted hydrotherapy tubs in our Serenity Soak service. This service includes a private soak in front of a personal fireplace, followed by a 60-minute massage. This is an excellent choice for anyone interested in complete relaxation. The hot water will help relax the muscles, stimulate the immune system, and help circulation and overall relaxation. Follow that with your choice of massage and you can’t go wrong.

Colder months are the perfect time to try something new at the spa. Come relax, be warm, and take care of your mind and body at Glacial Waters Spa. Or treat your friends and family to a moment they will never take for granted – this gift won’t get exchanged! Call the spa now to book your hydrotherapeutic experience at 218-963-8700. Make sure to check out our other services we provide by clicking here. Either way, this winter is time to take some time for yourself.