NorthPark is officially open: What is to come this summer

Family Fun, Wellness

NorthPark is officially open: What is to come this summer

Just in time for Spring Breakers, Grand View Lodge has officially opened the doors to their new recreation center, NorthPark. With the most modern design, state-of-the-art fitness equipment, Wellbeats Fitness Instruction, indoor pool and waterslide, and hot tubs – Grand View Lodge delivers an unbelievable adventure for all ages.

Indoor Pool Area

NorthPark Indoor Pool

Get ready to be amazed as you enter our indoor pool area. The kids (and you) will jump with excitement when they see the bright red waterslide. The indoor pool features 3,779-square-feet of splashing fun.

There are two indoor hot tubs as well. The resort wanted to appeal to all of their guests, family, and couples. For that reason, they have designation an adult-only hot tub. No one under the age of 16 will be allowed. They also have a family hot tub. An adult must accompany children under 12, and no one under the age of five is allowed.

The Studio

Yoga Studio

Vacation is no excuse to skip out on your fitness goals. The resort’s new studio features ample room for a wide variety of fitness classes. We have ten spin bikes and offer classes throughout the week. Spin is indoor cycling that focuses on endurance and strength and involves using a stationary exercise bicycle.

Yoga is another class that is offered throughout the week. Partake in a 60-minute series of dynamic movements that will increase your flexibility, restore balance, and strengthen core muscles.

The resort also has Wellbeats Fitness Instruction. Wellbeats provides the resort on-demand fitness classes. Press “play” and enjoy getting the exercise you need during your stay at the time that works best for you. Classes vary from circuit training, kettlebell workout, HIIT workouts, TKO, Zumba, Recovery and stretches, and so much more. A virtual instructor will guide you through the class.

The Fitness Room

northpark fitness room

The new fitness room is almost five times the size of the resort’s old fitness room. Cardio or muscle training, our fitness room provides it all. There is plenty of options to sculpt, shape, and tone your muscles in the fitness room. Ellipticals and treadmills line large windows that overlook the indoor pool. Stationary bikes and strengthening machines are also available to help improve your endurance and keep your fitness goals on track while on vacation.

Kids Club Headquarters

Kids Club

Family travel means a lot to Grand View Lodge. They’ve been creating memories for over 100 years. Answering that demand, they’ve put some thought into a better environment for kids so everyone in the family can have a fun, enjoyable, and age-appropriate vacation. Sometimes, for the whole family to have an enjoyable time, it means getting some alone time as adults. Kids Club is the answer.

Although they’ve been providing this amenity to their guests for a long time, NorthPark now offers a better facility with more space for activities, crafts, and fun. Parents can leave their children, ages three to eleven, in the care of our dedicated Kid’s Club staff and enjoy time enjoying their activities.


NorthPark Retail

Whether you need workout clothes, a swimming suit, goggles, or a quick snack, NorthPark’s retail area has you covered. Inside is a variety of athletic wear from half zip long sleeve shirts to yoga pants. Perhaps the kiddos are looking for a quick snack? Purchase a Lunchable, some candy, pop, or chips at the front desk. Beer and wine are also available behind the front desk check-in.

Outdoor Hot Tub

Outdoor Hot Tub

The most exciting addition to NorthPark is its new year-round outdoor hot tub. Winter or summer, relax with the beautiful surroundings – day or night. This 8,000-gallon outdoor hot tub has guests already raving! It’s a huge added amenity that differentiates the resort from its competitors. Relax, soak, and enjoy the stars.

The resort has also placed some rules to accommodate their guests better. An adult must accompany children under 12, and no one under five is allowed - adults (16+) only after 7 pm.

What is to come

Spring is just around the corner! Every Minnesotan, this winter especially, is excited for the snow to melt. Grand View Lodge is anxious to get the outdoor features of NorthPark started.

Outdoor Pool


Last fall, the construction workers were working on paving the outdoor pool. Landscaping, the pool liner, chairs, and final touches are items that still need to be finished before this is added to the long list of fun at Grand View Lodge. Bathe next to the pool and splash the day away. The outdoor pool is the same size as the indoor pool — 3,779-square-feet.

Food Truck
Another amenity the resort is outlining for summer is a food truck. The name, the food, and the concept are still in the planning phases, but they plan to unveil by the time the outdoor pool is available for guests.

Tiki Bar

Tiki Bar

While enjoying the outdoor sun at NorthPark, you might need something to quench your thirst. The Tiki Bar will be the perfect spot for fun cocktails and other drinks. Convenience and relaxation, all summer long!

Basketball/Tennis Courts


Show off your skills and have fun on the resort’s new basketball and tennis courts. Guests can bring their own equipment or check-out equipment at the NorthPark front desk. Shoot some hoops, play a game of H.O.R.S.E. or get in a workout with a full scrimmage.

Tennis and pickleball are also an option. The resort was widely known for its beautiful tennis courts and private and group lessons. There is a photo from the resort’s history where there were two tennis courts beautifully landscaped where they now call The Courtyard (between the Main Lodge and The Norway Center).

Although they no longer provide tennis clinics, all equipment and activities are complimentary for their guests.

Bike Rentals


Perhaps you’d rather explore nature and go for a bike ride. Grand View Lodge offers complimentary bike rentals during your stay for all ages. To check-out a bike, visit NorthPark front desk.

The Brainerd Lakes Area is home to miles of breathtaking and scenic trails. Not familiar with the area? Explore Paul Bunyan Trail, Cuyuna Mountain Bike Trail, or view other area bike trails near Nisswa.

Cornhole Stadium


Grab a drink from the tiki bar, and take on your friends or family to a competitive game of cornhole. On some weekend the resort will host cornhole tournaments. See if you have what it takes to be the champion.

Never played or heard of Cornhole? How about Bags or Sack Toss? It is a game with two identical boards with a six-inch hole centered at the top. The boards are set 27 feet apart, directly facing one another. There are a total of eight bags – four of one color and four of another. You and your opponent(s) alternate throwing the bags to try to get it into the hole or on the board to score. The point of the game is to get to 21 points without going over.



The NorthPark lawn also provides enough space to play croquet. Get a group together, grab the mallets, hoops, and balls and enjoy this fun, leisure backyard game during the summer.

Gaga Ball Pit
This game is widely known at the resort’s sister properties, Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert. Since the resort is all about tradition, they are offering it to their guests to play and learn.

Gaga is played in a large octagon called a gaga pit. The game begins with someone throwing the gaga ball up into the air. When it bounces, the players say “ga” each bounce for the first two bounces. After the two bounces, the ball is in play, and the game starts. If a player is hit below the waist, the player is out. Want to meet new people? This game is the perfect opportunity for you and your family.

Ice Skating Rinks


Next year, our ice-skating rinks will be on the NorthPark lawn. The concept is still being planned but the resort hopes for an enchanting atmosphere to enjoy during their winter months.

Sand Volleyball Courts


During the construction process of North and NorthPark, the builders dug into an alluvial deposit which consisted of some of the finest sand. Why not use this finely grained sand for the sand volleyball courts? NorthPark will feature sand volleyball courts for guest’s enjoyment. Bump, set, spike your way to a fun-filled afternoon under the sun.

Grab your workout clothes and your gym shoes, find the changing room and begin your workout at NorthPark. Grand View Lodge is more than just a lake resort. NorthPark adds so much more fun experiences for all guest types – family, couples, and friends. Winter, spring, summer, or fall – Grand View Lodge just became your next fun vacation destination!