Meetings with a Purpose: Seven ways your meetings can make a difference

Beyond The Boardroom

Grand View Lodge’s New Direction on Team Building

Team building for you, life-saving for them. Take part and make a difference with your meeting at Grand View Lodge and participate in a variety of different team building activities that contribute to a larger purpose. Take the initiative to help others lives while you increase rapport with your team. Aside from our outstanding service, breathtaking surroundings, and top notch facilities, here are seven reasons your meetings can have a purpose with us.

1- Benevolent Bike Build: bikes you build donated to Bridges of Hope

This two-hour team building activity takes place on Grand View Lodge property. Your team will follow clues, solve the puzzle and gather your treasures as a team. Your treasures will consist of pieces to a bicycle that the whole group must assemble.

Compete against other teams to correctly build the bikes and have them approved by our local bike expert. Whichever team finishes first and get its approved, wins! Once the bike is built, they will be donated to Bridges of Hope, a faith-based, nonprofit organization which links families to community support and resources.

Location: GVL Main Property

Timeframe: 2 Hours

Rates: $100 Setup Fee + $150 Per Team

Group Size: 5 People Per Team

Emphasis: Problem Solving, Determination, Community Service

2- Crafts & Crafts: Make fleece tie blankets and drink craft beer

Get in touch with your crafty side and enjoy a tasty tour with this activity! Choose fleece fabrics from a select amount of material. Cut, tie, and sip from a choice of a select variety of Minnesota craft beers. Minnesota craft beers range from breweries like Jack Pine, Bent Paddle, Roundhouse, Surly, and more.

Tied fleece blankets have been a popular gift in recent years. Making one is simple and quick. It’s a no-sew way to give a fun, personalized gift. All you need to make the tie blankets are fleece material and scissors. Typically, one side is printed fleece, and the other side is a solid colored.

Lay out the fabric. Using your scissors, cut fleece every inch to the depth of your scissors (3” into your fleece, 1” apart). Once the fabric has been cut all the way around, you tie. It’s simple!

After the beer is consumed and the blankets are tied, the nice fuzzy blankets get donated to one of our suggested charities such as the local animal shelter, the nursing home, or women’s shelter.

Location: GVL Main Property

Timeframe: 1-2 Hours

Rates: $150 Setup Fee + $25 Per Person

Group Size: 1-30 People

Emphasis: Camaraderie, Just for Fun, Community Service

3- Kids Against Hunger: Help feed families locally and around the world

What is Kids Against Hunger (KAH)? KAH is a non-profit organization working to help supply food not only to countries in need but also to people in our very own community of the Brainerd Lakes Area.

Is your itinerary during your stay busy already? You may decide to put a donation down for others to pack the food for you. Otherwise, you may choose to donate and pack the food altogether. This activity lasts two hours and requires a minimum of ten people. Your team can produce a highly nutritious, specially formulated rice-soy casserole with 21 essential vitamins and minerals for $25 per person.

Take on this ultimate hands-on experience with your coworkers to make a difference. The food packaging process is simple, and individuals from age 8 to 80 can perform it. Various assembly line tasks include measuring rice, holding the bag, measuring crushed soy, weighing the bag, vacuum sealing the bag and more. If you have more than one station, it may be a fun game to see which assembly line can produce more bags than the other.

Location: GVL Main Property

Timeframe: 2-3 Hours

Rates: $150 Setup Fee + $25 Per Person

Group Size: Minimum of 10 People

Emphasis: Camaraderie, Just for Fun, Community Service

4- Amazing Race: Increase the number of teams and perform missions to help out the food shelf

This team building activity is Grand View’s most popular. Based on CBS’s reality competition show, teams play a variety of ‘missions’ with general clues. Each team must complete their ‘mission’ before given a clue for the next. With each clue, you receive a part of a puzzle. Points are awarded accordingly, and the team with the most points at the end wins.

For every team added to participate in the Amazing Race, Grand View Lodge will donate $10 to the food shelf.

Location: GVL Main Property

Timeframe: 2.5 Hours or 3 Hours

Rates: $250 Setup Fee + $50 Per Team

Group Size: Determined by Group

Emphasis: Communication, Perseverance, Problem Solving

5- Food Shelf Putt Putt: Build a mini golf course with your food shelf donations

In this activity, your group is required to design and build a unique, one-of-a-kind mini golf holes with a catch, using canned and boxed goods that will be donated. Create bumpers, turns and special obstacle challenges. Creativity and teamwork all come in to play with this fun charity event.

When finished, the building materials will be donated to the local food shelf. Have a good time while experiencing a sense of accomplishment.

Location: GVL Main Property

Timeframe: 2 hours

Rates: TBD

Group Size: Minimum of 10 People

Emphasis: Camaraderie, Communication, Creativity, Resource Management

6- Participate in a charitable team building activity and get listed on our website

Not only will you have the satisfaction of helping out for a good cause but you will also be mentioned on our website as a business who participated in our “Meetings with a Purpose” mission.

7- Entered into a giveaway: $500 donation to a charity of your choice

Companies who participate in one of the five team building activities with purpose will be entered into a giveaway. We will select the winning company in December of 2018. The lucky winner will be given a $500 donation to a charity of their choice using their business’s name.

In a world that is focused on making the client happy, businesses often forget about their most valued asset, the employees. Team building facilitates better communication, develops problem-solving skills, acts as a motivator, and increases camaraderie. These community and volunteer driven team building activities are sure to give your employees a sense of accomplishment and feeling that they are valued as an employee. Together we can make a difference.

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