FAQs Answered: Fun facts about beginner’s and junior golf programs

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Beginner Golf Night

Beginner golf night is a fun introduction to the game for juniors age 4-10. The program is offered the first Wednesday of June, July, and August. Each session, a new skill is introduced, beginning with putting in June and through the bag to driver in August.

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With beginner golf night, the child can receive a golf club custom fit for them to go with the lesson for the day, or just attend the instruction with their own equipment. There are three sessions total to this program. Participants are able to attend just one, or all three depending on how it fits into their schedule. Most importantly, if they skip a session, they will not be “behind” or miss anything as a new topic is introduced and covered each time.

Through the instruction, we play fun games including chip tac toe, longest drive contest, closest to pin, chip in the kiddy pool, and many more. From an instruction side, three key ideas are introduced during each session and a major emphasis on GPA (grip, posture and alignment) is constantly reviewed. The main goal of this entire program is to create enjoyment and love for the game while learning basic skills and being introduced to golf.

Frequently asked Questions:
Q. Can my child attend just one session?
A. Yes, and they will not ever be behind as a new topic is covered every time

Q. Does my child need clubs?
A. No, either you can choose to pay $60 and get one with the program, or can use the equipment we have.

Q. What do you do for a full hour?
A. During the hour we start with a few basic tips, work into hitting some shots and end by playing games and winning prizes (typically candy).

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Junior Golf School

The junior golf school is a five-session program offered in both June and July, that allows the participants to get a full introduction to the game of golf. With the focus of instruction revolving around the basics such as grip, posture, and alignment, the program allows students to receive all the information they need to have a solid start in the game.

Throughout the two-hour sessions, new ideas are introduced and different parts of the game are covered including, chipping, putting, full swing and even time on the golf course each day. Along with the instruction, there are also fun games and contests including chip tac toe, closest to the pin as well as short game assessments and much more played each day, with prizes to the winners.

To conclude the program there is a nine-hole junior parent scramble at the Pines. This event includes an after-tournament dinner, prizes for all participants and a lot of fun.

Frequently asked questions
Q. Can my child participate in just the June or July session?
A. Yes, many kids do both, but the program is designed to be able to one or the other.

Q. Does my child have to attend all 5 sessions?
A. No, if a participant is only able to attend certain sessions we are able to prorate it and still allow the child to participate.

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Advanced Junior Golf

The advanced junior golf program is a brand-new program for 2019 and will focus on older juniors ages 14-17 looking to progress further in the game. The sessions will utilize methods and technology such as flight scope and short game assessments to highlight and improve bunker play, swing plane, distance control with wedges and putting, and even emphasize course management.

This program will include multiple contests and put a large focus on the largest amount of improvement. Not only will the students receive group instruction, but will also have the opportunity to receive one private lesson for the juniors to be able to receive a more focused and individualistic approach to improving their game.

Private Instruction

Private instruction at Grand View Lodge is primarily taught by teaching professional Logan Jackson and can range in time from 30 minutes to several hours depending on what the student is looking to do. The rate for a 1-hour adult lesson is $85 and $65 for juniors.

With every lesson taken with Logan the student will work with Flight Scope radar launch monitor technology, as well as V1 video analysis, and also receive tips sent home for the player to review following the lesson.

Private instruction options include individual, group/family, playing lessons, junior individual, junior group and corporate group clinics. All rates vary based on the length of time, age of the player (junior or adult), and the number of participants.

Lesson packages are also available, and specials are offered monthly, with the standard being 3 one hour sessions for $225 or 6 one hour sessions for $350, but all packages can be customized and include any of the lesson options including playing, individual etc.

Frequently asked questions
Q. Do I need my own equipment?
A. No, at the Pines we have premium TaylorMade rental sets and students are able to use them during a lesson.

Q. Is there a discount for guests?
A. No, as of right now, the lesson rates are constant for members, guests, and public.

Q. How often should I practice after a lesson?
A. I recommend my players to practice for 1 hour at least 3 times a week, especially if we are working in multiple sessions.

Q. How many lessons are recommended?
A. I think at least 3 is an effective way to start, but it is solely based on skill level.