A whole new meaning to “Experience Meetings Differently!”

Beyond The Boardroom

At Grand View Lodge, we believe success is in the details. Breathtaking surroundings. Outstanding service. Facilities and technology that exceed your expectations. Convenience. Ease. Flow.

To better serve our group guests for a memorable top-notch experience, we are expanding the options we have available. Our sister property, Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert offer a vast range of spaces with a rustic “up north” feel. These brother-sister camps are located just five minutes from Grand View Lodge on Lake Hubert. Now, our groups and weddings can utilize these added spaces and buildings in the ‘camp’s off-season.’ With the added teambuilding activities, groups can create their own ‘camp experience.’ Couples also have the option to have their wedding in a more intimate setting.

The camps have been with the Cote Family Companies since 1909. A tradition of camping excellence runs deep within the culture of Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert. Their Core Values (Community, Excellence, Fun, Personal Growth and Development, Quality Relationships) are the same values that date back to when it all began as a way to enhancing the physical, social, mental, and spiritual well-being of each individual.


With 750 acres of pine and birch forests, campers begin to arrive at the beginning of June and run until the end of August. Each camp contains a Dining Hall where campers enjoy a delicious meal, sometimes served family style! Each room varies in size and capacity, but the largest indoor option can hold up to 200 people.

Added Meeting Spaces Available at our Camps

At Camp Lincoln is the Lincoln Lodge. Lincoln Lodge is 4,000 square feet and can fit 100 guests. On one side is a stage with a curtain, which is used for when the kids perform during camp. Along the walls are camper’s photos dating back to when the camps first started. Children throughout generations join us and find their grandparents and their great-grandparents photos.


The Intermediate Dining Hall is the largest hall at Camp Lincoln and can fit up to 200 in a seated setting. The large hall is 3,000 square feet and has high vaulted ceilings with camper art mounted around the perimeter illustrating core values and camp cabins. The space can accommodate a substantial number of tables for dining, or the tables can be removed and make space for a reception or dance area.

The Junior and Senior Dining Hall are also at Camp Lincoln. The Senior Dining Hall is the smallest room at Camp Lincoln. It is 1,350 square feet and can hold up to 60 people. The room is equipped with a grand fireplace perfect for keeping the room warm during any social gathering. Opposite of the fireplace are large windows that open in towards to room to let the fresh wilderness air in and offer a perfect view of the grounds.

Junior Dining Hall at Camp Lincoln offers a rustic ambiance with its darkened wood and framed historical photos. This hall has a lower vaulted ceiling, compared to Camp Lincoln’s other dining halls, which delivers a more intimate location. This room can accommodate up to 95 people in a traditional seated setting but can be altered to remove tables to fit any guest’s needs.

Added Meeting Spaces at Camp Lake Hubert

Just down the road is Camp Lake Hubert and it has three spaces available for use. The chapel, Senior Dining Hall, and the Dining Hall Deck. Each dining hall is very similar to one another offering a rustic and warm feel. 

The Hubert Senior Dining Hall is 4,968 square feet and can fit up to 160 people. It includes two dining areas with a grand hall connecting the two rooms. The space is complete with a piano and fireplace. The walls of the Senior Lodge display historical photos and memorabilia, as well as camper yearbook photos from the 1920’s to now. The lodge can be easily rearranged to accommodate your seating and entertainment requirements.


Located on the north side of Senior Dining Hall is the Senior Dining Hall Deck. A great spot for any gathering, the Deck includes seating with several Adirondack chairs and benches overlooking the Hubert waterfront. It is the perfect setting for viewing the sunrise or sunset. It is also a great spot for a quiet moment or to come together with others.

The Camp Lake Hubert Chapel is located in a picturesque spot overlooking Bass Lake. The wooden benches can fit up to 200 people overlooking a naturally crafted stage. At opportune moments, animals from Bass Lake might appear in the scenery; e.g.: beavers, cranes. Guests will venture down a wooded path to find the Chapel hidden away at the end of the trail. A pulpit is available upon request.


Team Building Activities at Camp

Utilizing the added camp space, we will be able to offer more team building activities. Team building improves communication, morale, motivation, productivity and helps employees get to know each other better. Activities offered at the camps are baseball, frolf (frisbee golf), rock climbing wall, dodgeball, and even a low ropes course.

Rock Climbing Wall Located at Camp Lincoln, the Rock Climbing Wall is one of the largest climbing walls in the Midwest. With 56 feet of vertical face, 14 feet of climbing surface and a 60-foot multiple-incline backface, the wall can accommodate three climbers on each side simultaneously. Guests of all ages enjoy the challenge and self-esteem building experience that comes with conquering the wall. Grips and holds, also known as ‘rocks,’ are arranged in a manner that allows climbers of all levels a physical and mental growth experience, from beginners to team climbers. Participants on the climbing wall are required to wear helmets.

Team building activities can be used by any business, large or small. Both fun and challenging, these activities can enhance your group’s cooperation, decision-making skills, and foster a team spirit. All of which are key factors associated with company success. Whether you a planning a wedding, family reunion, corporate meeting, or special celebration – Grand View Lodge can offer an incredible experience for your event especially with our new offerings. After all, Camp was always fun as a kid, right?

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