5 Reasons You NEED a Pedi

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The temperature isn’t the only thing rising this summer! With spring around the corner, the excitement to get the flip flops, bright colors and summer clothes out is at an all-time high. The change of the season also is a shift for your feet, boots to sandals, and it isn’t always pretty. The strappy sandals deserve the best and you deserve some pampering anyways, so kick off the season right with a spring-ready pampered pedicure at the Glacial Waters Spa. Plus, there are some health benefits to them too.

1. Exfoliates the Feet

Over winter, when your toes are hiding in boots and other closed toe shoes, callous builds up. Why does this happen? A callus is a way that the body helps protect itself. They normally form because of repeated friction. A pedicure is a great way to get proper exfoliation on that build up. Exfoliation involves removing dead skin cells so your feet can be smooth and sandal ready. Depending on the service you choose, typically this involves buffing, a warm foot bath with various salts to nourish the skin, a cream which is massaged on to feet and legs, a lotion and then lastly the nail polish.

2. Decreases Chances of Infections

While you may paint your own toenails at home, many do not have the time to give themselves a full pedicure service. Not only is it a way to pamper yourself, it also helps decrease the chance of infections. Most are not prone to moisture their feet daily; life is busy and we know there isn’t enough time in the day. Moisturizing your feet prevents cracks from forming and causing infections. The spa offers many products to use on your feet in between pedicure times.

3. Healthier Joints

Let’s be honest, everyone loves a good foot rub. Part of the pedicure service is a massage. The joints in your feet become relaxed and the pressures are relieved with the various motions. The warm water soak also helps to reduce tension and pain in the feet.

4. Relaxes the Body

A pedicure is not only a great way to get pampered but also helps you relax and makes you feel great. Feel the stress melt away as your feet are treated. Your feet and legs will feel whole again with the increased circulation, reduced stress and eased tension.

5. Nails look fresh

On top of it all, you’re treated with a fresh polish of any color of your choice. Your nails will be shaped, your cuticles will be conditioned and your feet will be exfoliated. Your feet will be spring ready!

After a pedicure with us, you won’t be embarrassed to put your winter hibernated toes into sandals. Flaunt your look and book a pedicure with us. We offer 8 different pedicure services to choose from. Visit www.grandviewlodge.com/spa/spa-services/ for more information or call us 218-963-8700 and book your pedicure today. Your hard working feet deserve it!