Spring Blossoms

Spring Blossoms

This year‘s gardens of Grand View will speak to the senses, exhibiting fresh scents and colors of spring.

With 26,800 perennials and grasses being planted this year, such as yellow begonias, purple fountain grass and bright orange inpatients, Grand View’s gardens can be expected to pop with color and unveil its intoxicating aroma come Memorial Day. The gardens vivid and sensory success can be attributed to Lynde’s Greenhouse & Nursery out of Maple Grove as they design, plan and do the actual install of all plants in the gardens year after year.

While main ground gardens are an oasis for everyday activities, it’s also a premier area for outdoor weddings and other special events. The design and detail of each garden creates an enchanting and rejuvenating setting. Also, several plants that can be found in the gardens promote health and wellness such as Bee Balm, Jack-in-the Pulpit or Echinacea; All of which are found in alternative medicines and used in everyday treatments such as headaches, colds or boosting the immune system.

Grand View’s master gardener, Deb Prazak, is new to Grand View this year but brings with her 25 years of experience in designing and maintaining annual and perennial gardens. She will have two assistants aiding in preserving the oasis of detail and color far into the fall estimating 2500 man-hours of maintenance.

Whether it’s a leisure stroll through the main grounds or lakeside yoga on a warm, sunny morning, come awaken and revitalize your senses at Grand View.