Concierge Service Goes Digital

Concierge Service Goes Digital

Concierge Service Goes Digital While Grand View Lodge is hallmarked for its entrepreneurship, family legacy and dedication to Minnesota’s natural beauty, it also tries provide its guests the latest and greatest amenities, technology, and opportunities for top notch hospitality, relaxation and memory making.

So just this September, Grand View launched its first ever Digital Concierge System in order for our guests to start planning their stay and scheduling activities in a more timely and simplistic fashion. The software is very user friendly and can be used from your home computer, tablet, and/or mobile devices. Guests can also use the kiosk located in the historic Main Lodge.

How can you access this new software? Within your upcoming stay confirmation email you will also receive a confirmation number inside which will be your key to login. Click the link provided, enter your confirmation number and begin exploring the Digital Concierge System.

Here, you can make reservations at our dining venues, as well as look at the menu items from each restaurant. You can also request spa services and times, make tee times at our 3 courses, and most notably, check out our activity schedule, as well as sign up for the activities you and your family have been waiting all year to try! Once you have made all the entries for your stay, we will enter them all in a page called “Your Agenda” allowing you to easily keep track of your activity itinerary.

“We are always asked if there is a simpler way to schedule tubing rides in the summer or get into wine tasting classes in the off-season,” says Frank Soukup, Director of Marketing for Cote Family Companies. “This will be a personalized itinerary of our guest’s activities to make their stay more convenient and let them know all we have to offer. This has been a technology that we have wanted and theorized for a couple years, but making it all work together took a very special IT guru to pull it all together.”

The system will also allow activities to be scheduled before guests arrive, as several of our activities tend to book fast. Other unique features of the Digital Concierge System include the local information on area events, weather, rental options and a “question concierge” button to request information, or call direct from your mobile phone to answer time sensitive questions. Our social media buttons can be found on the bottom so you can easily share your experiences with your friends and family and never miss a beat with happenings at Grand View.

Make sure you also keep an eye out for our Bucket List email that goes out to guests 10 days before their stay. It includes all the great deals and happenings taking place during the time of their visit. Here you will also find a link to the Digital Concierge System so you can start planning your vacation before you arrive. We will constantly be updating the system to improve the functionality and versatility of technology, making your vacation just that much more seamless while on vacation.

Click here to get an up-close and personal look at our NEW Digital Concierge!